Friday, January 20, 2006

take on me

Reel Big fish - Take On Me (pops)

Yeah, so, I'm really lazy, and also, I don't have anything of great importance to say, not even by my meager standards of "great importance".

I got my first credit card bill yesterday. I paid it off immediately.

I got my financial aid check yesterday, too. This is good, as it means my house can have electricity, high speed internet, and satellite television for six more months. Everything else is secondary.

Tomorrow, I'm going to finally get my oil changed, after planning to do it for over a month but never finding the time.

I also have another speech to plan for Friday, and I have a composition in Spanish due Tuesday. I'll have at least one, probably two quizzes in HGD this week.

I would also love to find time to go to the doctor, but I've got to wait for my college's certification to get to my insurance company. This is probably my last year on my mom's insurance, so I better make the most of it. Hopefully, after I get my Associate's, I can get a part-time or full-time job, so that I can either get on an insurance plan at work (not likely) or be able to pay for insurance directly (not really likely, but more likely than the first).

So yeah, I guess I'll see you next week, same Bat-Time, same Bat-Channel. Adios, muchachos.


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