Wednesday, January 18, 2006

peanut butter jelly time

Family Guy - Peanut Butter Jelly Time (pops)

Yeah, about yesterday... Blogger was being weird, and didn't want to load a "new post" dialog. So whatever I had written didn't get posted. And now it's lost to the sands of time, because I didn't save it. Way to go, computer age.

For once, I had no homework today or yesterday. Just had to study for a quiz in Spanish tomorrow. I've got to get the stupid lab work done, though, because my test is next week. I really hate spending extra time at school. Even though it's not like I'd be doing something worthwhile, it's still an intrusion on my personal time.

I finished Sandman, and now I definitely want the extras that aren't the main series, especially the Death series. Sandman #72's art was just so good. It was the complete opposite of an Alex Ross or a photo-realistic artist like that, but it was still so well laid out and fully realized.

I have a question for the males in the audience: Do the girls in Playboy really do anything for you? I can't bring myself to fantasize about Playmates, when there's so many girls I see everyday at school that are much better looking, that I can actualy see up close and in person. There's even the off chance that one will speak to me. The plasticized and Photoshopped fantasy that the classier skin mags offer just isn't what I want. I'm being completely and utterly serious when I say I read it for the articles, because that's how much of a bore I am, and how little the girls in there do for me.

So, yeah, I'm going to go back to sleep. I'm increasingly tired these days, and my insomnia isn't helping.

Did you ever have a night when your brain wouldn't turn off? That's a constant for me. 24/7, my brain is on, all fires burning. It would be nice to just be able to switch it back to pure reptilian mode every once in a while.


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