Tuesday, January 10, 2006

where is my mind?

Pixies - Where is My Mind? (pops)

Why, oh why, is this video listed under "T"? There is no "the" in this band name!

It's the little things that bug me. And there's a lot of little things in the world.

I figure that if I'm so crochety now, by the time I hit seventy or so, I'll be completely unbearable. I will literally be reduced to yelling at kids to get off of my lawn. I just hope my kids pick a nursing home with an attractive staff, so I'll have something to do in between yelling at poeple and writing angry letters to the editor.

This weekend, I need to go get a haircut, and if possible, go by the doctor's office to get my ankle looked at. I've got a sore patch of dry skin on there that won't go away. I also need the doctor to look at a mole on my neck that I cut to pieces every time I shave. I think it can either be burned off or frozen off with little or no fuss.

Spanish sucked today. We had a quiz, and I was semi-prepared for it. I knew around half of the stuff on there right off the bat, and the next half sort of came to me during the course of the test. None of it was completely foreign to me, so that's good. I was a little fuzzy on some of the irregular conjugations, but that's to be expected with an almost three year layoff in between classes. I'll have to really tighten up in there if I want to do well. One of my friends' girlfriends had this teacher last semester, and she got an A by just doing all of the copious homework and doing every extra credit assignment that was offered.

World Civ was extremely boring. It's just a straight lecture with no "audience participation" as it were. I took about a page of notes, but I had to consciously make an effort to stay awake. I hate those kind of classes, almost more than the foreign language model of busywork. Strinking the balance between mountains of busywork and boring students to death with endless lectures is the key. Otherwise, you don't learn anything.

I'm going to knock off early. I've got a headache which is probably the beginnings of a cold. So just like every other year, I'll be sick on my birthday. Go me.


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