Wednesday, January 04, 2006

walk away

Joe Walsh and Friends - Walk Away (pops)

My God, is that some horrible hair on Joe's head. Drugs are bad, kids.

My dread-o-meter is officially on high, since I go back to school tomorrow. I go in at 2:00 with World Civilization 1111, followed by Spanish 1002 at 3:30, and hopefully I'll be back home by 5:30. Friday is a little earlier, as I go in at 10:00 with Speech 1100, followed by Human Growth and Development 2103 at 11:00. I should be home by 12:30 then.

My stomach's acting up again, but I'm 90% sure it's stress brought on by the impending semester. Shots of Mylanta will be downed, just to make sure.

I already know that Mom bought me some stuff off of my Amazon wishlist (pops), but she's doing her best to keep it a secret. Too bad the list only defaults to Christmas mode (i.e., not letting the creator see what's been bought) during Christmas. The stuff should be here by the 10th, leaving a full day where I can be tempted by the thought of fresh presents meant for me, yet beyond my grasp.

I'm dreading Spanish more than anything, because I can bullshit my way through Civ and Speech, and HGD is just more of the same from last semester. I'll have to tap my resources and see exactly what level of proficiency is needed for the class. Hopefully, my regular schedule of lucha-viewing is keeping my high school Spanish skills alive and kicking. If I need to do a project, I've got a great one built in. All I need are some DVD's from either Cubs or Fredo, and I'm set. I've already got the mask and the knowledge.

I wonder how well Super Porky would go over at GSC? Probably pretty well.

I've got to get my beauty rest, so I will bid you adieu.

Or adios.

One of those Romance language farewells, anyway.


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