Thursday, January 05, 2006

last goodbye

Jeff Buckley - Last Goodbye (pops)

Today kind of sucked.

It was the first day of classes at GSC (but apparently nowhere else, college-wise). I wake up at 7:00, since I'm going to have to wake up then tomorrow, and I want to get into the rhythm. I piddle around for five hours, watching Martin Short on "Sit-Down Comedy with David Steinberg", an episode of CMLL from the end of November (that's how far behind I am, sadly), and an episode of SNL on E.

That is to say, I didn't watch it while under the influence of ecstacy, but rather on the "E!" network. Much less fun that way, I know.

I drive to school, and traffic's not that bad. It shouldn't be, at 1:00 on a Thursday with no UGA classes. I go sit in the Atrium, since I don't have a class for about half an hour. I intentionally left early to see how bad traffic would be. I see a couple people I know, but not many.

I make my way to World Civ. The teacher, Sezgin, starts in with the scare tactics, designed to make you drop the class. See, once enough people sign up for the class, they'll keep it around no matter how many drop it, since it would wreak havoc on the schedules. Ergo, less work for her. I can't say that I blame her. Otherwise, the class was completely uneventful, and it let out forty-five minutes early to boot.

So I sit around for an hour, waiting for Spanish 1002 to start. Eventually, the clock rolls around, and it's time.

I look in the classroom, and I realize we're in a computer lab. Weird, but later it's explained that the campus has become so overcrowded that every available room is being used. Well, excpet for offices, since we know we couldn't be trusted in those.

She starts with a conjugation chart and I realize: "I have forgotten well over three-quarters of this."

It got a little better as the class wore on, except for the fact the bookstore sold me the wrong book, and I had to go buy a new one, and come back tomorrow with the receipt for the old one. Plus, the new one was fifty more dollars. Yay.

I already hate the lab component. We have to spend at least an hour or two in the library each week doing the equivalent of busywork. Remember the workbooks in high school? Well, they're on the computers now, and they don't trust us enough to do them by ourselves, so we have to get a TA to come check us off. They claim they treat us like adults, but they don't trust us enough to do our own work, on our own time, before the deadline.

And I get to do all of this tomorrow, but with Speech and HGD. At least I know what to expect out of the HGD, and I have inside information that says my Speech teacher is a joke and an easy A.

With Spanish on my plate, I think I could use an easy A. Honestly, if I get out of Spanish with a B, I think I'm going to be happy. All I need is a 3.2 to transfer credits to UGA, and if I get my degree outright like I plan to, they won't care what my GPA is. I only have to worry about keeping my scholarships, and a 3.0 will do that nicely. Anything on top of that is gravy.

So how was your day?


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