Sunday, September 25, 2005

when it's love

When It's Love - Van Halen (pops)

I know, I know. It's Van Hagar.

Screw you, I kind of like Sammy Hagar. He's semi-coherent more often than Diamond Dave, plus he makes his own tequila. That's got to count for something.

I did nothing of note over the weekend. Don't act all surprised.

I watched some Britcoms on BBC America, specifically Blackadder. Tony Robinson is the great lost comedy god. Hugh Laurie is perhaps the most versatile actor in modern television, going from the incredibly thick-headed characters he played on Blackadder, to the curmudgeonly Holmes-lite of Dr. House on "House".

And Rowan Atkinson is briliant as always, American "Bean" movie excepted. Hey, he's got to earn a living. It's like Michael Caine always said about Jaws 4: "I haven't seen the movie, but the house it bought me is terrific."

Checking once more, I still have to go to school tomorrow. I predict short classes, or non-existant ones. No one wants to be there on a normal day, much less one where all the other schools are out. I hope the professors either email me the morning of classes and say "Nevermind", or I get to the campus, go the class, sit down in my chair, and they poke their head in the door saying "Nevermind".

Eh, I've done my homework either way, and I've got an AmGov test on Thursday, so I most likely won't get out of that class on Tuesday anyways.

I'm going to go listen to either my "Nuggets" compilation or see if I can get a comprehensive late-80's rap comp. I'm at least "well-listened", if not "well-read".


Blogger Joey said...

I'm hoping I get to leave too....but more than likely I won't. Damn public universities.

9:40 PM


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