Sunday, September 18, 2005

this shit is bananas

Gwen Stefani - Hollaback Girl (pops)


I spent the weekend avoiding math homework and reading through Vampire: The Masquerade's sourcebooks. If I had done my homework straight away, I would be a geek. But seeing as I still haven't done my homework (and may not, depending on my mood), I'm a dork. Subtle differentiations, people.

The V:TM actual rules suck, but the concepts are kickass. The authors put entirely too much effort into the backstory, but I like that. I can also see where people get too obsessed with it, and start LARPing to an extreme, to the point where they lose their sense of self. LARPing, by the way, is nerd-short-hand for Live Action Role Playing.

Even the most socially awkward of my brtheren (the geeks, spazzes, dorks, and nerds) have a mixture of contempt and pity for LARPers. Sure, we're weird, but we don't have to invest in costumes to be weird.

Tabletoppers and LARPers, in my experience, have the same relationship as average Muslims and suicide bombers. Basically, some people will carry any damn thing too far.

Getting back to the subject, and avoiding talk of further schisms in the RPG world, the Clan idea is brilliant. Other RPG's have a similar element, but none take it as far as V:TM.

I'm half thinking of rolling some characters in all of these RPG's (Rifts, Marvel Universe, V:TM, D&D) just to see what happens. Granted, far less actual rolling occurs in V:TM (there's only one roll in the entire creation process; the rest is user-defined).

I have the distinct feeling I'm losing my (admittedly flagging) readership with this topic, so I'll move away now.

Dinner for tonight: baked chicken thighs with a parmesan-and-cornflake coating. Food Network is the best website ever for someone with limited food resources, but the willingness to try anything once.

For whatever reason, I can barely type anymore. It's not my carpal tunnel (thank God), but my fingers simply won't respond as well to my commands. Before, I could type 45-60 words a minute, but now, since I have to go back and correct errors so much (and believe me, if I didn't, this entire post would be incoherent by now), I'm down to about fifteen or twenty. As an example:

Thyis is wha it looks like when I don't really go bakc and fi all of my mistakes as I tyoe.

Scary isn't it?

It really is a bit frightening when you think of the implications of it. Knowing Barrow County, it's some form of cancer. It's been going on since roughly mid July, but it's getting slightly worse.

I can only think of a Carlin routine: "You ever walk into a room, then forget why you came in? There's only one thing that goes through your head: 'Alzheimer's.'"

Nice happy note to leave on, there. See you tomorrow.


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