Saturday, September 10, 2005

the new pollution

Beck - The New Pollution (pops)

I updated the links. Like I said I was going to. Wow, I actually followed through on a promise I made on here!

If you look to your right, you see various new sites, among them Kipper's Xanga, Coverville, and Intellectual Whores, which is NOT a porn site, despite its name and my reputation. It's a valuable relationship guide which goes hand in hand with Zubaz's Relationship Guide, which has been linked for quite a while.

I got around to installing Ares Galaxy. I was a member of the first KaZaA generation before it became a spyware-ridden hellhole. So I'm spoiled when it comes to peer-to-peer programs. I like Ares alright, but it's no KaZaA.

By the way, I'm only participating in the distribution of freeware software programs and free-to-air documentaries. Just a notice.

I don't like the hashing thing. It just gets on my nerves for some reason, which I can't quite put my finger on. The interface needs to be smaller, as it seems optimized for a 1280 or 1600 screen resolution (I run a 1024). Most people still run 1024 or smaller, although that's changing with the lowered prices of non-CRT monitors.

I think I'm going to go pick up a copy of My Bloody Valentine's Loveless. No reason, but it's one of those things I should have listened to by now. I am an incomplete music geek without it. I've listened to its precursors (The Cure, New Order) and its progeny (Blur, Pulp) enough times to know what to expect, but it's still an area I'm lacking in.

Yes, I am that much of a geek.

I got back in touch with everyone's favorite 16 year old Yalie, Thalyn, on Facebook. He's still the same. Not matured one extra bit. I say this with no malice, but he really should have waited a year to go. Even at seventeen he would have been more prepared than at sixteen. It's not like he's going to Gainesville; he's got to compete with the best and brightest of the country. I'm almost nineteen and I was barely prepared to go to college, just down the road from my house. I can scarcely imagine what he's going through, being sixteen, inexperienced in the ways of the world, and halfway across the country from almost everyone he knows.

In closing, I leave you with a quote from the 13th disciple himself, Chris Rock: "If only smart people like your shit, it ain't that smart."

(Watch lucha libre and UGA football.)


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