Friday, September 02, 2005

commons question time

Here's the deal: I'm too lazy to write anything of merit, so the idea of this post is to "increase reader participation", i.e. get me some comment love.

I vow to answer any question posted in the comments section of this post, no matter what the subject, to the best of my abilities.

Obviously, I'll answer nearly any question about me personally, but also anything in general. If you want to know the airspeed velocity of an African swallow (unladen), here's your chance to have someone look it up for you.

Email me your questions, or leave a comment. I'll check periodically through the next few days and either post answers as comments, or if there's a really good question, edit this post and put it up on the main section.



Blogger cHiCkA said...

Why is it that whenever me and Andy fight I refuse to let him leave and be by himself?
or an even better one...
Why exactly is it my fault that he dropped his phone into an unretreivable (sp...) environment...grrrrrrrr
have fun my friend...and the answer most likely is not on the internet...ha

12:04 AM

Blogger suplexmasta said...

You refuse to let him be alone because you love him and you think that he needs to talk. It's your fault that he dropped his phone (in the average male mind) because you didn't actively stop him from doing so.

Best I can come up with from a Dr. Phil perspective, at least.

2:12 PM

Blogger Kate said...

Who has had the biggest effect on your life? (As in someone you know, not some wrestler)

9:04 AM

Blogger suplexmasta said...

The obvious answer is my dad, but that's family so that doesn't really count.

I'll say Perry. He showed me that you can learn, teach, and have fun all at the same time. He sparked my writing bug. Hell, he's most of the reason I want to teach, so I can be half as good as him in teaching kids how to learn instead of what to learn.

Barring that, Ric Flair. :)

10:11 AM

Blogger Kate said...

What is your first memory? What is your favorite memory? What is your saddest memory? What smell brings you back to your childhood? (lots of options b/c I am bored and I cant find anyone to go eat with)

7:33 PM

Blogger suplexmasta said...

In order:

1. Being at my cousin Jeremy's house playing Mission Impossible for the NES

2. Well, there is that time on the bus...

3. My friend Kevin dying in fifth grade.

4. Like anyone born after 1973, the smell of gasoline evokes nostalgia.

7:44 PM

Blogger Joey said...

Why can't I get a gf? Why is it that I hate mimes?

4:54 PM

Blogger suplexmasta said...

You can't get a girlfriend because you have even less confidence than me, which is something I previously though impossible.

You hate mimes because of a repressed desire to become one. Either that or you were molested by mimes as a small child.

Thanks for the help on the books and Dead shows, though.

7:55 PM

Blogger Me said...

Why is it that I'm so bi-polar when it comes to my job? One day I love it; the next day I hate it. Should I be looking for a new job?

Nice blog, by the way. Thanks! :)

7:40 PM


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