Sunday, August 28, 2005


Just as I was in the middle of writing this post, I get a comment form Kate telling me to update. Cosmic.

I have done very little of note the past few days. I had three quizzes in Algebra (all of which I got 10 out of 10 on). I had a quiz in Psychology that I haven't gotten back yet, but I know I made no higher than an 85 on. I participated half-heartedly in a discussion in American Government on the principles guiding the creation of the United States Constitution. I tried not to fall asleep in Music Appreciation when Hajosy went over the stupefyingly complicated concept of intervals and chords (sarcasm intended).

I got a new software program called Guitar Pro that shows the sheet music to songs while they're playing, plus shows the fretboard positions and the guitar tablature. It also outputs really shitty MIDI versions of songs. The version I got came preloaded with 22,000 songs, but most of them are either weird French-Canadian pop or Swedish Death Metal. I'll stick to Ultimate Guitar, thank you very much. Overall verdict: too time-consuming to use as a composition tool, too awkward and detailed to use as a transcription tool.

I learned a bunch of new songs, like Dennis Wilson's "Forever", Gram Parsons' "Wild Horses" (NOT the Rolling Stones version, even though Jagger/Richards wrote the song itself), "That Thing You Do" from the movie of the same name (song written by Adam Schlesinger from Fountains of Wayne; the best song from the Sixties written in the Nineties), and The Undertones' "Teenage Kicks" (the best pop song you've never heard).

I really should use my BlogDrive account to upload some songs here. Any interest? "Teenage Kicks" would be the first one, because the way I first heard it was downloading it off of some guy I know's blog. I need to keep the circle unbroken.

I'm on Facebook if anybody I know online but not off-line wants to put me as their friend. Email me with your name and school and I'll send out a friend invite. Or, you could just do a search on here for all of the necessary information.

Don't just invite all of the people with my name, though, because the guy from Penn State with my name looks like a douche. A beret? Come on now. Really.

I would love to get hatemail from the beret-wearing douche. It would be the greatest thing in the history of the Internet, thereby validating its existence. Go my minions, make it happen.

In a sad note, I'm playing "Taps" because Rhino has quit blogging forever again. Here's to the memories, and at least this attempt lasted more than five posts.

But seriously, send me the new link in two week when you start up again. Might I suggest a Blogdrive account this time?

(No harm intended in the previous two paragraphs. All in good fun, right-o.)

And my need to blog has been satiated. Have fun and party naked.


Blogger Kate said...

I vote for an upload of "That Thing You Do" Followed by some Randy Newman of the "Good Old Boys" era. Classic.

8:55 PM


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