Sunday, August 07, 2005

honeysuckle blue

Tomorrow morning, I'll put up a scan of my brand new toy. It will either scare you or make you laugh with inhuman joy. I would do it now, but the scanner's not on, or connected to my computer for that matter.

I feel as if I accomplished something this weekend: I can now play "God Only Knows" and "Don't Worry Baby" on the guitar, off-key minor sevenths and all. The only problem is my carpal tunnel starts to act up, so it's like the old Daffy duck routine: sure it's a great trick, but I can only do it once.

I REALLY need to start cranking out freelance material, because my money supply is slowly dwindling. The hard part is getting someone to pay me a half-decent wage in this time of copylefts and diminishing returns on publishing endeavors. I'm not asking New Yorker rates here, just maybe a quarter a word for two thousand words. A measly five hundred dollars, and you can stretch that out to four pages depending on typeset.

I need to start doing random prompts again, because the more subjects I can ably write about, the better. Of course I could do a five pager on the role of the Flash in the Superhuman mythos of modern-day America, but could I do the same amount, with the same enthusiasm, on the mating habits of the African Goliath beetle?

Actually, now that I think about it, I could do ten pages on the Flash by tying it in to a cyclical model of Campbell's Hero Saga.

I just read that last sentence out loud and it reminded me of one of the random quotes on the headline: "Look, someone once said, the most important thing in life is not to look like a geek. Do you have any idea how geeky all of this is?"

An authentic Marvel Comics No-Prize for the intrepid reader who can quote the source of that little quote.

I really need to start hanging around with storyboarders and graphic design people who can do an ongoing project with me. Yes, it's a comic book. No, it's not necessarily a capes and costumes book. Think more along the lines of "Powers" or some other non-traditional setting for superpowers. Yes, it's a team book. No, it's not an homage to Teen Titans or the X-Men.

My problem is in the pencils department, as I can ink pretty well, and with the aid of the magical program known as Photoshop, I can do colors and lettering too. I just need someone who can look at a script, take what's on the page and put it down for a rough sketch that looks something like what's in my head.

If by the small, infinitesimal chance someone reads this and is actually interested, let me know and I can send you a spec script to get a look at what you can do. It'll just be a few profiles and a couple of demonstrative action shots.

Well, that's enough on comics, how about wrestling? Simply put, if you have DirecTV and get Galavision, you owe it to yourself to park your rump in front of the screen at 2:00 PM on Saturday afternoons and experience the church of Lucha Libre. Watching Mistico and Ultimo Guerrerro go at it is akin to a religious experience, even for the non-believer. My dad almost never watches wrestling, but he is now a convert to the Cult of Mistico. He won't sit down to watch Raw on Mondays, but he'll sure as shit watch four hours of TiVo'd lucha nonstop, as long as there's some Mistico on there.

And I'm right there with him. It's great. Even Mom, who actively loathes wrestling, stops to watch some of the stuff that little Mexican spitfire does.

Enough of my blathering. Adios, and remember:

There's a battle ahead, many battles are lost
But you'll never see the end of the road
While you're travelling with me.


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