Friday, July 22, 2005

experimental film

I'll be driving the old, beat up Thunderbird until at least January. The insurance was entirely too high to get a third car. It's bad enough just adding me to the insurance, much less adding me and a new (to me) car.

I've been playing too much guitar lately. I'm still not back where I was, but in a week or two, given enough practice time, I'll be good again. I really need to start playing piano again, but I just don't have the room to have it up and running in a location where it would do some good, like next to my computer so I could do direct recording.

I came into some fakebooks (known as lead sheets to the more orchestrally minded) of semi-recent songs, and I've been playing a lot of Elvis and Roy Orbison. Thanks to the fine people at Ultimate Guitar, I now can play most of the They Might Be Giants catalog. As long as I can play "Robot Parade", "Meet James Ensor", and most importantly "New York City", I'm happy.

Yes, I know that "NYC" technically isn't a TMBG song, and that it's actually a cub song. So what. I like TMBG's version better.

In sadder news, I have... retired the Orange Converse.

"Taps" will be played later today, and the funeral service will be announced soon.

I need slightly dressier shoes that are comfortable, so I settled on a jet black pair of Vans. I've worn Vans before, and know that they are very comfortable due to the immense amount of padding on the inside, plus they are naturally wider than most major brands of shoes. This means I don't have to wear shoes two sizes too big, like I do for Nikes, Reeboks, and the like.

I admit it, I have quite the odd shaped feet. Very wide, flat on both the top and bottom (no arch to speak of), with four tiny toes and one very big toe. I also have no ankles, per se, but simply extensions of tree-trunk-like calves.

I read the entire series (so far) of the Image comic book "Invincible". Simply put, everyone needs to read this. Even if you're not a traditional comic fan, you'll probably like this. It's really funny, and it has some touching moments too. It's the story of a son of superhero. The son lives a fairly normal life, until (right before his eighteenth birthday,) his powers kick in. Hilarity ensues, at least for the first twelve or so issues. Then, it takes a pretty cool twist and turns the whole series on its head.

Well, it's a Sidney Crosby kind of day for the NHL team that gets the first pick in the draft. Here's hoping it's the Thrashers.

Bye for now. Remember:

Is he a dot, or is he a speck?
When he's underwater does he get wet?
Or does the water get him instead?


Blogger cHiCkA said...

NOOOO not the orange converse!!!!
just kidding
although they were very pimp
but vans can be pimp too
but only if you're cool
like me
or you

11:48 AM

Blogger Kate said...

My brother wants your converses. He wants to frame them. He also wants to know what shoe size you wear.

9:21 PM

Blogger suplexmasta said...

Tell Rob he can have them for fifteen bucks (I paid twenty for them, and I figure whatever wear I put on them is balanced out by the prestige of owning a pair of shoes worn by me).

And the converse are size 12, but my new Vans are size 13. Go figure.

Come by my house and we'll negotiate.

9:53 PM

Blogger Kate said...

Rob and I were a little disappointed by your shoe size. I didn't get a chance to tell him about the shoe offer b/c he left for the beach this week. Damn him. Also, I highly doubt I'll be stopping by your house b/c I dont know where it is. You do, however, know where I live. Incidentally, inquiring minds want to know how you did on your AP testing.

12:08 PM


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