Thursday, June 30, 2005

doctor worm

I finally caved in and got a myspace. You can imagine the address. If you've got one, add me. We'll have oh so much fun.

Here begins the rant of the day:

Would somebody teach the kids there some basic webpage design skills? I mean, this site is riddled with HTML inconsistencies, but at least it's readable.

And no damn horizontal scrollbars. Really, come on now.

Also, no one wants to hear your band. They suck. I hate to tell you, but ninety percent of the bands on myspace are on myspace for a reason: they suck, and can't get an actual record deal. As such, they spend all their time trying to get on peoples' friends list, instead of getting, you know, GOOD.

Whoever invented the inline music player on there needs to be shot, although it's a thousand times better than the random people putting video codes in the comments.

No animated backgrounds. Period, end of story.

No huge images that obscure text.

Don't put every one of your quiz results on your profile. I assure you, no one cares.

I think that one of my favorite wrestlers Shirley Doe put it best when he said: "'s like Livejournal, but gayer."

As far as Livejournal goes, well, that's a barrier I'm not willing to cross. I've read entirely too much of the Encyclopedia Dramatica to even think of getting a LiveJournal.

I'd like to add a new level to Shirley's quote: "MySpace... And you though Xangas were bad."


Blogger Ashley B. said...

If someone has a blog at Myspace or whatever, they can do whatever they want to their page and they can post whatever they want to in their blogs. If you don't like Myspace that much, you shouldn't have gotten one!

12:08 PM


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