Thursday, May 26, 2005

real american

I'm in the middle of a serious moral dilemma.

Should I keep my hair shaved, so it remains a beacon of sexiness for all of the world to bask in, or should I let it grow out to an inch or so and dye it bright blue? I need your advice on this, true believers. Excelsior!

I have done very little this week. Except for cooking dinner every day for my parents, who, in an unprecedented event, are both so sick they can barely hold their heads up. Upper respiratory infections. No permanent damage. However, my dad can't really take that much medication because of conflicts with his usual meds, and mom can't take anything that will mess with her heart. So, they're basically toughing it out.

On the bright side, I got to make the latest batch of the old family recipe for a cold remedy.

The secret ingredient? Easy.

Jack Daniels. No, really. That, and three other ingredients, take a spoonful of it, and it'll clear you right up. Plus, you can't operate heavy machinery!

I'm doing everything I can to not get sick, because I've got to work the rest of the summer to be able to afford a car. Already doing some freelance web design stuff, so that's a plus, but it's really monotonous stuff. Can't really tell you what I do (trade secret), but I get hella paid.

Yes, hella. Get over it.

I've been reading comics the last couple of days.

"God Loves, Man Kills" is maybe the best comic book Marvel ever put out.

I'd be tempted to put it into the top five of comics all-time, with "Maus", "The Dark Knight Returns", and "The Watchmen".

I'm lost on the fifth entry. Any ideas, intrepid readers? My heart says "Transmetropolitan" or "Preacher", but I'm not sure. "Crisis on Infinite Earths"? "The Killing Joke"? I don't know.

Well, we've gone head-first into geek territory, so it should come as no surprise I retook the Geek Test at Inner Geek, and scored a 62.5 or so, marking me as the third highest level of Geek, Extreme Geek.

I lost major points on my non-love of anime and my lack of access to pre-1985 computer equipment, but I made it up on trivia.

Speaking of geeky, "With My Baby Tonight" by the Road Dogg just came on my Media Player. Truly the pinnacle of geekiness, at least of the wrestling variety.

I've got another song review in the works, but I'm not happy with it yet, so it'll be a few days before it's up to my lofty standards.

As for a hint, think Canadian and think goofy. No, it's not "Informer" by Snow, even though I'll defend the merits of that song to any willing audience.

And now I've got Canadian dancehall stuck in my head. See what I suffer through for my readers?


Blogger Joey said...

I'm 22% Geek, which is between Geek and Total Geek.

12:10 PM

Blogger Kate said...

I'm 34% geek, and also, I vote for the blue. Its really sad that I'm more geek than Joey-What is the world coming to?

9:56 PM

Blogger cHiCkA said... should keep it shaved for a little bit...then let it grow and dye it blue...and if that doesnt work for you the definately shave it off!

1:43 PM


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