Saturday, May 21, 2005

major tom

I've got a lot of free time on my hands, in between my graduation and my job search, so I've been picking songs to steal breaks from, should I ever want to become a hip-hop producer.

"Major Tom" by Peter Schilling: Listen to the bridge right before the countdown, slow it down, and tell me it doesn't belong on an underground mixtape. Paging DJ Green Lantern?

"Circles" by Incubus: The intro riff plus the hi-hat work, and you have a great Sage Francis style chorus.

"Italian Leather Sofa" by Cake: Actually, any Cake song works, but this has got a nice little gutbucket guitar intro that can be stretched and chopped.

"Tempted" by Squeeze: The organ part. Need I say more?

"Kiss on my List" by Hall and Oates: The keyboard part can be looped to carry a verse or two. Nice and sing-songy.

Also, in case you can't tell, I'm a bit bored. I need to be out either driving or looking for a job, but I've got a couple of weeks before either of those little dilemmas come to a head.

I've read a massive amount of comic books in the past few days, because I'm a complete geek. I read the entire run of "Exiles", and it's great. I couldn't wait to open the next issue on each and every one. Once again, that guy from RW: San Francisco can write a darn good funnybook.

I'm in the process of getting all of the Hellblazer series, so that should prove interesting. I haven't seen "Constantine" yet, but don't really plan to.

Speaking of comic book movies, I just got done watching "Daredevil".

It could have been worse.

It also could have been a LOT better. Being a geek, certain things irked me to no end.

Enough ranting for now. Maybe next time I talk wrestling?


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