Saturday, May 07, 2005

ten thousand maniacs

First person to see this post and email me gets a free CD and a free shirt. Here is the address.

I've got a week left in school, I've got a TMBG song stuck in my head, I'm watching Lucha on Galavision, and all is semi-right with the world. Or at least if the lucha was CMLL, it would be. Stupid AAA.

REMEMBER: Graduation Party at Fort Yargo on June 4, 2005.

Tell everyone you know to be there. I expect certain ones of you to come, such as Kate, Twiggs, among others. Bring whoever you want (yes, that includes Lokyei, Twiggs).

Also, bring your own "party favors". I'll look the other way for a lot of stuff, but just don't get us arrested, okay?

I'll provide music, but if you want to bring something, go right ahead. Same goes for food.

Party lasts from roughly 3:00 pm to whenever we get kicked out of the park. It'll be great if we can get a good number of people there. Guys, you gotta bring a girl.

If we work together, we can defeat the communists, or at least have a big fucking bash before we spend the rest of our lives as corporate drones.

Tell you friends, tell your family, tell your dog. All are welcome.


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