Wednesday, April 27, 2005

killing joke

Here's my idea:

Everyone who visits this site semi-regularly submits a 200-1000 word essay on what you think the greatest song ever written is.

Anything from Barber's Adagio for Strings to Lil Flip's Game Over will be up for grabs.

I will write three or four of these over the next few days to give some idea of what I'm after. The first? A country song that can bring any man to tears.

Anybody who submits one that's half-decent gets posted on the main page. Your work will be read by literally tens of people.

If I get a good outpouring of response (doubtful, but please prove me wrong) we can go for books and movies next.

I expect most of you to at least half-ass something together. Think of all the things I do for you...

On second thought, just do it, because it'll be fun. And it's good writing practice for most of us.

But first, I must write a one-page theatre review for Drama.

The work of art?

That masterpiece of film entitled "Half-Baked".

And no, I can't copy over my thrashing of "Pretty in Pink" and change a few names.

Although that would be funny.


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