Friday, April 15, 2005

drop it like it's hot

I sincerely apologize for the lack of updates this and last week. If it wasn't enough for my internet connection to be down most of the week, I had to write a 5-20 page play for Drama in a week.

I did it, but it sapped my creativity almost completely.

I only have so much funny to share with my adoring public.

So, I've finally got DSL. How did I ever go without it?

It took over a week to get it to work reliably. I had to pay somebody to come out here and jerry-rig the router and modem to play nice. Short version: both came preloaded with DHCP server as the default mode, plus they both operated on the same IP address. Ergo, whenever I tried to send a command to the modem through the router, half the time the router would intercept it and interpret it as an excuse to stop working. Go team.

I spent more money than I'd like to think about getting this stupid connection to work. Think of a number that would be moderately acceptable, and double it. That's about how much.

On the other hand (there's a golden band), I love my new DirecTV set up. I've got three receivers, one with the miracle of TiVo. I've got close to 300 channels (right now, for the next three months free,) and I can watch anything from cattle auctions to midget wrestling. That about covers my tastes, so I'm good.

The good side effect of having DSL is I can talk on the phone while surfing, so I don't have to keep my online jaunts particularly short anymore. Before, Imkept most surf session to one hour. Now? I've been on here three hours and havn't stopped to blink.

If you need to get in touch with me this weekend, email me, as I might not answer the phone or the door.

I'm jacked into the matrix, bitches.


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