Sunday, April 03, 2005

everyday I write the book

I updated the link list again.

I added some of everything, from wrestling to music to games to movies.

And, typing this, I see I forgot two more. They'll be added after I put this up.

Apparently, everyone is either out of town or incommunicado, so, hope you had fun by the time you read this.

Wrestlemania is tonight, and I'll try to see it live.

If I don't, the sad thing is I won't miss it all that much. Sure, it's supposed to be the biggest night of the year, but it really is hit-or-miss just like every other PPV.

I saw the HoF inductions, and what they showed was pretty good. Roddy Piper is still the man.

Am I the only one who would have like to seen a (both in their primes) Raven-Piper feud? Sure, the matches wouldn't be stellar, but think of the promos.

I've been playing more Smackdown: Here Comes The Pain, and I've finally got a good version of me, "The Natural".

With apologies to Randy Couture and Dustin Rhodes, of course.

My finisher is either the FatAssMoonSault or the Hangman's Chokehold.

All of the setup moves are based around the neck, with six different DDT variations.

Enough for now.

P.S., Notice I put up a translation box.

Now you can read my drivel in Japanese!


Blogger Twiggy said...

si i'm defintely glad I'm not required to attend the "Wrestle Mania partay" at Az's tonight...I just have to pick Loke up afterwards..around midnight..ugh..what people do for mom comes back from Tenn. tomorrow and it sucks ass. I..looked at a shop today..and it was really nice..are you catchin my drift? I hate the internet..much love!

9:04 PM


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