Friday, March 25, 2005

garden party

Sorry for the lack of updates yesterday. But I make up for it with a doubleshot of information today.

Guess what I learned last night?

I'm allergic to mushrooms. Not the fun ones that begin with "psilo-", but the normal ones with names like "shiitake".

At the Regional STAR Student thing last night, they served roast beef with a mushroom sauce. Somehow, I'd gone eighteen years without eating a mushroom, mainly because my dad is violently allergic to them.

We always assumed I was allergic, but we never chanced it until last night. It was the only thing on the menu, so I had to eat it.

I had eaten maybe 2 ounces when I realized something wasn't right in the old digestive tract, so I stopped eating. Good idea on my part.

I woke up this morning ready to blow.

Chunks, that is.

I sleepwalked through a shower, then almost threw-up as soon as I got out.

Did I mention that my throat was so swollen I could barely breathe?

I crawled back into bed, trying not to throw up again. There's my day in a nutshell.

So anyways, how was your day?

I got some interesting news today. Seems that my grandparents want me to have a graduation party, which they will pay for. I'm not exactly a big partier, so it took some thinking on my part to decide on a plan.

Here goes: Two or three weeks after graduation, we all meet up at Fort Yargo and waste the better part of a day while eating the requisite hamburgers and hotdogs, plus some fried chicken (homemade, of course. My grandmother is Iron Chef Soul Food) and other picnic stuff.

I'm thinking June 4th would be a good day, since it's far enough away from graduation that everybody can get back from Cancun or Florida or Alcatraz or whatever, plus it's a Saturday and maybe no one will have anything else going on.

Email me if you're interested. Anyone within the sound of my voice (online, that is,) is invited. If need be, I'll give you my phone number to get in touch with me about the party and/or do a drunken dial.

The date is very flexible, if a majority of people I want to be there can't make it.

Yes, some family will be there, but most will stay maybe 15-30 minutes and then leave. The cool ones will stick around.

Most importantly, if you're a guy, you gotta bring a girl. Or at least attempt to get a girl to come with you. Joey gets an exemption.

I kid, I kid. Mostly.

RSVP or whatever. Sorry, but I doubt anybody in the IWC (internet wrestling community) will come down here to poor podunk Barrow County. Yes, that can be interpreted as a challenge. I dare you to come down here and see what a truly pathetic geek I am.


Blogger Kate said...

I would so come, if I'm not at the beach working. And if I dont have to bring a present. And if there's alcohol. Fair enough?

8:50 PM

Blogger Twiggy said...

Hello Sally! Well, I'm sorry you're allergic to the shrooms..I adore them..they're my favorite fungus! Haha. Anyway..I have exciting news! I got accepted to UGA! You better be jumping and down. Now. =) Hope you feel better...oh, and I would definitely love to attend your partay..if there's Bacardi. Haha. Much love!

11:39 AM

Blogger Joey said...

I'd come to the party. Then I'd run into the woods after having flashbacks to being chased in the woods by little kids with cups of water.

9:48 AM


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