Wednesday, March 16, 2005

tebucky jones

I wish I had a name half as cool as Tebucky Jones,

But no, I have to be named for my dad, who in turn was named for a semi-obscure American composer.

I swear, I'm naming my kids Dave or Jim. No hyphens, apostrophes or other such bullshit. Just Dave or Jim. Maybe Bob. Perhaps John. Possibly Alan.

My xanga is all set up, so visit me there.

Expect absolutely no new content there.

At all.

I was thinking of having T-shirts made up through, but I won't do it if there's not enough demand. If anybody really wants one, I can get Rhino to do it, or I can do it myself.

I've got a couple of designs in mind:

The first is obvious, just the logo of the site on the front, and on the back the slogan "Represent, bitches."

The second is a picture of Mascarita Sagrada, the de-facto mascot of the site, and underneath it would say either "midget pimp" or "short guys get all the chicks".

The third is a pic of a pair of Lucha masks, and underneath it says in an old-school tattoo banner, "lucha libre por siempre".

The fourth is a picture of my face with the words "chick magnet" underneath.

The fifth is a picture of Joey with, written underneath, "fan of yodeling".

I've got a million of them, but they won't get made if there's no demand. Place your orders now! Supplies are limited!

Seriously, if you want an official Suplexmasta shirt, speak now. I may never be this motivated again.


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