Monday, February 28, 2005

baby driver

I went down to the health department today.

No, your favorite internet superstar does NOT have a raging case of gonorrhea. Those rumors are false, unfounded, and malicious.

I had to get the rest of my shots to go to college. Tetanus and the first of three hepatitis B immmunizations. I could've gone to a regular doctor, but I'm not paying forty five bucks a pop when I can pay $14 instead.

I'm just thankful I don't have to get the meningitis shot. 104 smackers. Yeah, not exactly within my preferred price range.

while down there, I counted at least eight children under the age of five of Latino descent. I, for one, think that these babies are the cutest things ever, even if they are scared of the big white dude with the tangled mass of blond hair.

There is nothing more American than seeing eight kids playing "I Spy" in two different languages simultaneously. It's so incredibly cute that I thought my eyeballs might melt off.

Trading tapes isn't fun anymore. I need to get some new connections outside of the normal outlets, because the normal outlets are now completely unsafe. People getting ripped off left and right isn't a good environment. What's worse is the people who build up reps for a year or more, then turn heel and take massive amounts of money in one pop.

That reminds me, I need two things: lucha and MMA. Maybe I should combine this and just get a comp of Super Porky MMA matches. On second thought, no.

But seriously, I need to get some more MMA. I watched the "Slams" video posted on DVDVR, and really enjoyed most of it. I love the UFC Hits videos available at my local Video Warehouse, and I really like the Ultimate Fighter when I can stay up for it. (Recaps on the weekend are the best.)

If TCF can get back to me on the specifics, I'll start writing my Wrestlemania Preview later this week. I just hope I can get to watch it this year.

I've reverted back to watching old comps, like Evenflow's High Flying Hostility. It might be the best comp of that kind of match, as every match is either a five-star or a complete spotfest. The last sequence I watched was the first Briscoes face-off, followed by Bret-Owen from WM X, followed by Tajiri vs. Super Crazy from ECW on TNN, and wrapped up with Eddie-Rey from Halloween Havoc '97.

Of all those, I really want to choose Bret-Owen as my favorite, but I love Eddie-Rey so much more. The reversal of the BT Bomb for the win is so brilliant, and Tenay puts it over just right. Even Heenan, who didn't usually get into the CW matches, got into this one.

Briscoes is just a complete spotfest, but I'm so much of a smark now that I can't watch it without literally yelling at the screen "HE JUST TOMBSTONED YOU, BURNING HAMMERED YOU, AND HALF-NELSON SUPLEXED YOU! YOU CAN'T JUST GET UP!"

I guess I'm just too much of a psych freak to enjoy a power-move spotfest. Top-rope spotfests I can watch all day, because the threshold for believability is lower. I can see a corkscrew splash not hurting you all that much, because it's just a splash with a twist. I can't say the same for a tombstone, because I've seen at least two people suffer severe injuries from that, plus the concept of dropping me square on my head hurts me a little more than the idea of someone falling on me.

It all goes back to the first real match I watched: Rey Mysterio vs. Dean Malenko. Dean worked the leg the entire match, with leglaces, anklelocks, and crabs. He went for the cloverleaf, but Rey crawled out of it and hit the shaky-legged hurricanrana for the duke. Simple psych, but effective. I guess I'm just spoiled.

Enough rambling for now. I'll try to get back to you tomorrow.



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