Sunday, February 20, 2005

r.i.p Hunter S. Thompson

Just came over the AP newswire. Here's the link on Yahoo.

FMJ will be crushed, and I'm not kidding. I probably won't see him for a day or two.

Sad to see such a great writer go out in such a standard way. I always thought it would be some fiery explosion or some kind of massive overdose.

The world is weird sometimes.


Blogger Ashley B. said...

It is so horrible that HST killed himself. You're right, Jonathan will be so upset about this. HST was definitely one of his heroes. I still find it kind of hard to believe that HST killed himself. I always thought he would die in some crazy manner. I wonder if we will ever know why he killed himself. I wonder what could have caused him so much pain.

7:17 AM

Blogger Funkmaster J said...

I am devestated that my idol did this. I am on the verge of tears as I am writing this right now. It is so ironic, and yet it makes perfect sense. It is ironic in that after everything he has done to his body, shit that would have killed any lesser being, he took his own life. By any normal, conventional standard, he should have died years ago. He was seemingly indestructable, and then he killed himself. Then again, it makes sense. Hunter has always advocate control of oneself and ones' surroundings. In this way, he had complete control over how he went. The question of why he did it will always hound me, but suicide is the most rational way for him to die. I still don't understand it though. He was recently married, he just invented Shotgun Golf, he seemed happy. I am sure he had a good reason though. We will probably never know. I trust that he knew exactly what he was doing and the full ramifacations of his actions. This was no accident or drug craziness. This was completely calculated. Hunter, you have been an inspiration for me. You changed who I am. I will always miss you.

I really have to stop this shit. I am about to cry.

10:32 AM


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