Saturday, February 19, 2005

I just called

to say... I Love You.

Each and every one of you who reads this, whether you're a regular or just came in because Google linked you to one of my insane, rambling rants, I love you.

Maybe I should preface this with the disclaimer "I am just on the cusp of getting sick, my throat's sore, and my head's beginning to spin, yet I somehow have the motor skills necessary to type semi-coherently."

Also, "I will probably delete the majority of this when I wake up in the morning."

It's 12:43 AM on February 19, 2005, and I think I've passed the point where I give a shit. Life generally sucks, but I don't care.

I can't get a date, I can't afford a car, and I still have two books to buy in the Scientific American Book Club.

(Wow, as I typed that it seemed so superficial that it came out the other end and wound up profound. Cosmic.)

I was scooped on my date to the prom, but it doesn't matter, because most of my friends are still (and most likely will continue to be,) dateless. Anyone for a party at my house on Prom Night? No dress code, but there is a two-drink minimum.

Man, I can't think straight now. I've had a headache since about 1:00 PM Thursday, during the sterling presentation with Faith-Based Initiative consultant to President George W. Bush, policy advisor to the Governor of Arizona, friend and confidant of P.Diddy and Mariah Carey, renowned leadership consultant Byron V. Garrett, of Lifeworks101. And yes, he dropped more names than that, but I largely tuned him out after thirty seconds.

He sucked, as he was trying entirely too hard to seem "cool" in both situations I saw him in, the assembly and the "leadership conference". Here's a taste of Janus for you: in the assembly, in front of the whole school, he referenced Lil' Jon and Fat Joe. In the Leadership Conference (which contained maybe two black people besides himself), he went straight to the white-bread stuff, leaving out mention of urban celebrities and instead going to the Government name-dropping.

I hate people who act differently depending on their surroundings. I used to be that way, but then I realized it was easier to just be an all-around asshole all the time. I figure it's okay to be an asshole as long as you own up to it. I don't mind people who own up to being assholes, a la George Carlin. It's the people who are assholes, yet deny they're being assholes who bother me.

Head spinning again. Give me a minute.

Okay. I'm back.

Anyways, I'm gonna go furniture shopping tomorrow (new computer desk for my room), and, since we live in the mecca of high society, the first stop is Wal-Mart. Not knocking Wal-Mart, but I'd prefer to pay a little bit more and get something not made out of cardboard and sawdust.

Great, now the ghost of Sam Walton is gonna come after me.

Actually, I can probably get a better price at OfficeMax, in addition to better quality.

But Wal-Mart is closer, and there's also grocery shopping to be done. Ergo, Wally World is the destination for the fiesta nation.

I generally suck at video games, but I rock at THPS. I can bust out 10 million point combos and not blink. Then again, I can't get out of the first level of any Final Fantasy game.

Songs run through my head constantly, so to give a rundown of the past few minutes, "Land of a Thousand Dances," "I Am The Warrior", "Somebody to Love," "Mahna Mahna," and "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds."

That about sums it up, right?


Also. Blogger's Spell Check doesn't recognize P.Diddy, Google, or asshole. Weirdness.


Blogger Kate said...

Random comment from another sick person...YAY.
~Who was your prom date going to be? Maybe I can find someone here drunk enough to go with you
~The video to Mahna Mahna is funnier when on medications
~I watched the entire Daytona 500 today. Start to finish. God I love Nascar. Ryan Newman is kinda hot, but any associated with Jeff Gordon can burn in hell.
~I've been working my ass off for two weeks and I still gained 3 pounds. I quit

7:15 PM

Blogger suplexmasta said...

1 - Emailed you
2 - Medications make learning fun
3 - Kurt Busch does the heel turn to perfection. You think he's gonna go with Junior, think he's gonna go with Junior, BAM! he goes with Gordon. Great swerve.
4 - You're fine just the way you are.

7:22 PM


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