Monday, February 07, 2005

you're nobody till somebody...

...kills you

See what I did there? It's called a bait and switch. Wonderful ain't it?

(Prize to the first white boy or girl to guess the source of the title.)

SO I went to the Star Student and Chamber of Commerce banquet on Saturday. Basically, I got to see stupid poeple who paid $50 a plate to eat bad food and listen to the luminaries of Barrow County society prattle on about how much they love the county, the people, and want to see them exploited at all costs. They made this delightful little video intent on promoting the County to "the state, the nation, and the world at large." My tax dollars at work.

I know understand why rich people drink: to put up with other rich people.

I thought about seeing if I could pass for 21 and sneaking a drink, but, alas, it was a cash bar, and I have a rule about paying to get drunk.

The way I see it, these people paid $50 a plate, they deserve to get drunk for no extra cost, as the food was nowhere near worth even $20 a plate. Boneless skinless chicken breasts, mashed sweet potatoes, an arugala salad, and some kind of chocolate cake, which was the only redeeming dish.

I haven't watched any wrestling lately besides my weekly Raw fix, which is coming up in a few minutes. I haven't really watched anything since last Monday, and I fell asleep at ten then. Somebody who trades send me something. Go wild. I'll watch it and review it here.

As a matter of fact, that goes for any recorded medium. Send me a movie, a CD, porn, a sporting event, even a paintingn or sculpture, and I'll review it and post it here. Plus, I'll insert a subliminal message of your kill joey choice.

I'm gonna see if I can't get up to Wuxtry this weekend, and fill some holes in my CD collection. Outkast, Chemical Brothers, and Wu-Tang are on my list, but I'll accept suggestions as long as they're combined with money to buy said suggestion.

Homework is a killer this week, as apparently it's now "get some filler grades" time right before the first progress reports come out. I expect to have an A in all my classes (unlike some of you, I'm sure,) but if I don't, I'll chalk it up to shitty teachers. I've got two who might turn out to be problems, and one that's likely to stir up trouble, apparently because he can't get laid. Just my theory, though.

That, or he's worried about the pending rape charges against a member of his fraternity, who happened to commit this indiscretion while said teacher was an active member of the frat. See, not only is she suing the perp, but she's suing the frat, too.

I'd be worried too, if I was a dumbass jock frat brother.

That's not to say all people who belong to frats are dumbasses, just my personal experience with one particular member.

Oh yeah, forget everything in the past three paragraphs. Sonmething about being sworn to secrecy. I'm sure you won't tell.

Keep it on the down-low anyway.



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