Friday, January 07, 2005

slicin' up eyeballs

Well, it's been a week. Time for another post on this here internet machine (TM Raven Mack).

I got in a new shipment of IWA:MS. For this, I thank God and my hook-up, Tom in New Hampshire. You're both awesome.

But Tom's prices are lower than God's.

I'm about an hour into "Stylin in the Summertime". I knew it would be a good day when the first match on the first tape was Jimmy Jacobs versus Mark Wolf versus ...

Wait for it...

Wait for it...

Wait for it...


Best entrance ever.

So my team is going to the playoffs tomorrow in a one-day tournament to decide the nerdiest nerds in Northeast Georgia. We've got a good chance to win, too. Numbah One Seed!

Having said that, I pick an upset winner, mainly because we're all tired and don't give much of a shit anymore. It's a tiny shit, but it's still a shit.

And, no cash prizes of any kind, and (not to be too materialistic,) we're all poor high school kids who could use a boost in the old wallet.

Kids who play sports reasonably well get scholarships out the ass, while there are very few grants for nonathletic quasi-intelligent white kids who happen to know trivia.

Oh well, at least I've got my letterman's jacket (the only pure academic jacket in the entire school. Cram it, jocks.).

Expect a nonsense music post in the next few days. Fair warning and all that.

I finally got the board started up (EZBoard WOOT~!). Now, I have to attract people to it somehow. I'm thinking porn.

Then again, I'm a normal (four days away from) 18 year old male in the USA. I'm always thinking porn.

I've got a scholarship essay due to MENSA on the 15th, and I haven't started on it yet. Go procrastination.

I'll probably complain in explicit detail about my schedule this semester in a few days, also. I know you can't wait.

Somebody send me some porn on my birthday. It's a rite of passage, and I'll reciprocate on your birthday, if I remember. Real porn. Not internet (too easy to get).

Ciao, bitches.


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