Saturday, December 11, 2004

king of wishful thinking

How is everybody?

Please, don't answer, it's just a saying. I really don't care, except for a select few of you.

Are you one of the few?

Well, you'll just have to stay awake all night wondering. Enjoy!

I'm in like Flynn in my college of choice. Gainesville College, here I come. The joys of a cheap education await me. Yes, I could go to somewhere better with my stats (770 Verbal, 680 Math, 3.875 unweighted GPA), but it's a matter of money and motivation. I can't afford, nor do I want to go somewhere more high class. A full HOPE scholarship, plus a few scholarships and grants, means I can make money by going to school. And that's why I want to go to Gainesville.

Political rant coming up:

A word on gay marriage. It's freaking hard enough to find ANYONE that will put up with your ass for any length of time. If you can find someone that loves you as much as you love them, go for it. I don't care if you're both guys, both girls, or a matched pair; as long as you're both of age, just go for it. I'm not gay myself (I just don't find men all that attractive), but I wholeheartedly support gay marriage as currently defined, simply because I believe that NO marriage should be recognized as "legal". Marriage is not a legal issue, it is a spiritual issue. Marriage exists solely in the eyes of God, not in the law.

End rant.

I've got a ninja project, due Wednesday. Anyone know Macbeth and want to write a newspaper about it? Didn't think so.

A word to the wise: if you're gonna look at a porno mag with a kid in order to entice them to do icky things with you, get rid of the jerk book afterwards. C'mon, Jacko, it's not that hard.

Whoops. Bad pun.

I'm now free and clear in the tape category, as all of my orders have been sent out. Thanks to everyone that placed an order. Now if everyone would just get more tapes from me, the world would be a happier place.

CubsFan, I'm looking at you. You know you want some wrestling goodness from me. I'll cut you a deal, since you did give me advertisement for free. Let me know if you're interested, and I'll send you a list of what I got.

Anyone else at DVDVR who reads this, mention you're from Rasmussenland, and you get some sort of discount off of my already insanely low prices.

For some reason, I'm really tired. I haven't done anything of merit for the past three or four days, so I don't know what it is. Probably my old immune-deficiency acting up.

I've only got to make it five calendar days and four actual days until I'm off for close to three weeks for "Winter Holidays". Makes no sense to call it that, as there might be a whole five Jewish families in the whole of the school system.

Plus the fact that Chanukah ends before we actually get out of school.

In addition to the fact that Chanukah is actually a rather minor holiday on the Jewish calendar.

Passover is much cooler. Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashanah, too.

Technically, Christians should celebrate Passover, but try telling a hardline Baptist that, and see if you come back without bodily harm.

Enough blog. I've pissed enough people off this week.

New start tomorrow, right?


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