Saturday, November 20, 2004

welshmen unite!

Yeah, I don't know what exactly that means, either.

Somebody donate money to me. I'll use it to
  1. Get my own domain name
  2. Get more wrestling goodness, especially injury tapes for Rhino
  3. Get a subscription to the Wrestling Observer
For those of you who don't know, the Observer is THE news source for wrestling all around the world, from WWE to little podunk indies to MMA to handicapped Japanese wrestling.

Yes, I'm serious about the last one. Look up the DOGLEGS promotion. It's physically handicapped Japanese people wrestling. I'm talking severe deformations, from no legs to no arms to no limbs period. I'll try to get some tapes if I can get some donations. Copies for everybody who donates to the cause. And probably a free, all-expenses-paid trip to the deepest pits of Hell.

I'm extremely bored sitting here at home. You know the feeling when every movie's been watched, every game's been played, none of your friends are online, and there was nothing good in the mail? It's like that today.

Maybe I'll just kill a hobo. That usually cheers me up.

I'm kidding.


I usually stick to tramps and mendicants, not hobos.

I've got no new ideas for NFTM. Will's got a good one, and at this point if I can get one good story a week I'm fine. I mean, the Onion only publishes once a week, right?

Does your return to posting mean a return(?) to NFTM, Rhino?

The following people need to update on threats of gross-porn-emails (a la Tubgirl): JS, Ashley B, Will, Funkmaster.

Keep it real, yo, cause we're bad boy for life.


Blogger Ryan Adkins said...

Probably not...I think I'm just going to stick to my blog for a while...or until I get a stroke of genius and come up with a great story for NFTM....who knows

7:42 AM

Blogger Charlie said...

I thought you said you were done with your blog?

9:23 AM

Blogger Joey said...

Yes, I know that feeling too Stephen. Everyday of my pathetic life. I, too, have killed many homeless people and buried their mutilated bodies in my backyard.....ahhhh the One-Tooth Joe. You see, he came by my house the day I was REALLY bored. Wanted an apple or something. I let him and hit him with a hammer. Then did some other horrible things to him. Still got his tooth too. I was thinking of putting his rotting body in the fridge, but it didn't work out. So I buried him in the backyard.

10:17 AM


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