Thursday, November 18, 2004

nice shoes. wanna fuck?

My new all purpose pick-up line.

I'm sitting here in Web Page, bored out of my mind. See, not only am I smart, I work fast. Ergo, what takes everyone else three days to finish takes me a day, and that's with frequent breaks to check DVDVR and CrazyMax.

I'm currently looking on HotOrNot making snap judgements about a person's looks that may or may not ruin their self-esteem. It's a living.

Supposed to be getting in an order of tapes soon. Pro Wrestling Guerrilla from SoCal. They're supposed to bring the funny in addition to bringing the wrestling goodness.

Speaking of wrestling goodness, my icon Raven Mack just released the second Heart Punch loveletter. Shirley Doe is officially the coolest IWC champion in history.

Calculus is getting easier. I made a 64 on the last test (score!), but that's better than most of the class. No one got higher than around an 85, and the median was about a 50. The lowest grade anyone would admit to was a 19.

The last part of differential calculus made little to no sense, but integral calculus is making all sorts of logic flow in my brain.

I still hate the entire subject, though.

Digital Media Technology is officially the stupidest class I have ever been in, and that includes fingerpainting in kindergarten. I think he's finally given up completely on teaching.

Specific list of complaints, for Mom of KR:
  • Unable to handle simple technology, like a digital camera. Head and I have to take pictures for him.
  • Unable to make his own lesson plans. He uses plans he stole from his old school of Dunwoody High more than three years ago, and doesn't even bother to retype them and fix the spelling mistakes. As a result, half of the work we do is going to websites that haven't been up for two years and telling him they're down. How long has Northern Light been a commercial engine? Two and a half years or so? We had several assignemtns in which we were supposed to go there to do searches, and we were unable to do it.
  • This ties in with my next complaint, which is that he doesn't even check to see if the stuff he assigns is possible. He gave us a video project where we would have to shoot all over the school, then edit it down on eithe MovieMaker or Ulead. He didn't know that you we didn't have firewire ports or RCA ports on our comps until we had already shot a lot of footage.
  • He doesn;t know how to manage a classroom. There are two kids in there who don't put up with his crap. He yells at them for half the class, and the people who actually do work don't get anything done.
  • He shows favoritism to his baseball players. I know, a complete shocker. There's one kid in there who hasn't turned anything in the entire year, yet he gets "special projects" to do, like running to the printer room. He should have a zero. As it stands, he's got a 65 or so.

End rant. I could come up with more, but it would take more than the fifteen minutes I spent on this.

Enough blog. Somehow, I feel better and worse at the same time.


Blogger Joey said...

Hmmm....yes he really is a horrible teacher. I looked what he had on the board (something like things to do or something) and it still has stuff on there that we did in the middle school technology class like mousetrap cars and balloon cars! What an idiot! It's really apparent when the ITS people come and ask him questions. It's really funny!

10:53 AM

Blogger Kate said...

Comments/Complaints have been noted and sent to my mother. I'll let you know when she responds! Good day

12:15 PM

Blogger Kate said...

Comments/Complaints have been noted and sent to my mother. I'll let you know when she responds! Good day

12:15 PM

Blogger Ryan Adkins said...

Tha Viper is back...I'm posting again (just so you know)

11:33 PM


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