Sunday, November 14, 2004

this is how we do it

Montell Jordan everybody. Give him a hand.

Remind me not to be a UGA fan when it's an important game. Any game I ignore, they do well, and whenever I look forward to a game, they inevitably screw it up.

I've picked up four new wrestling DVDs over the past couple of weeks. History of Wrestlemania I-IX, Shawn Michaels: Boyhood Dream, and two different two-packs from Delta Media, one with a generic best-of from WCWA, USWA, and GWF combined with the best of Booker T from Texas, and one with best-ofs from Steve Austin and Catcus Jack, from the same era.

I've been sick pretty much all weekend, starting on Friday (no school for me!). Stupid stomach thing again.

Then, Saturday, I spent most of the day at Wal-Mart standing outside in the cold trying to sell books.

Not my choice. Stupid Beta Club fundraiser.

I'd love to quit, but the rents won't let me. They claim it will "look good on a college application".

Well, I've already sent out my applications. Plus, I've already decided to go to the local community college for two years and get my associate's (secondary education, language arts focus) before transferring to a four-year place to get my BA.

Yes, that's right, I'll be teaching your kids, at least if you live in the greater Athens area. Scary huh?

That is, at least, unless I can get a job booking some indy wrestling show down south. I'm building my contacts, slowly but surely.

Hey, a guy can dream, right?

Been playing Tekken 2 and 3 a lot lately.

Kunimitsu sucks. Just so you know.

Also, Baek and Hwoarang are the absolute best in the game(s).

Raven Mack, I can't wait for the next Heart Punch loveletter. Bring it on. Maybe next time I'll get around to writing something for it. It IS good practice for a career related to creative writing, after all.

Enough blog. Must continue my irridiated rampage through the streets of Tokyo.


Blogger Joey said...

Oh, worm of many teeth,
Canst thou deny what has no cure?
The flesh and breath which lure thee
To the ground of all beginnings
Feed on monsters twisting in a door of fire!
Thou hast no robe in all thy attire
To cover intoxications of divinity
Or hide the burnings of desire!
from the Dunebook

10:32 AM


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