Sunday, October 24, 2004

a lyric, a time, a crusade, a line

Sitting here with nothing to do. Boredom, set me free.

Got all the old Leisure Suit Larry games. Hopefully I'll be able to get the newest one soon.

I'm trying to decide whether or not to get a PS2. GTA:SA is supposedly completely PS2 exclusive, with no PC port coming. This sucks, so I may have to break down and make a purchase.

Usually, if there's a game I want, I just wait for the PC port, as my rig is pretty good, but with the way the developers take their sweet time, it's becoming not worth it.

Anybody want to sell me a cheap (sub $50) PS2? I'll pay you in tapes.

Or money. Whatever works.

I have little idea what games I would get besides GTA:SA, but probably all the wrasslin' games and definitely the new Nascar: Chase for the Cup deal.

Oh yeah, I forgot for the past few posts to put in some random words to pick up search engines, so here goes:

Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Dr. Vegas, Webster, Charles in Charge, Joanie Loves Chachi, bukkake, Happy Days, Scott Baio, analingus, Luke Perry, Matt Dillon, Chesty McBoobitage, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, sensual massage, Jennifer Garner, full release massage, Harry and the Hendersons, Roseanne Barr-Arnold, James Garner, Busty LaRue, Killing Joke, The Misfits, Napalm Death, Danni Ashe, Cannibal Corpse, The Bee Gees, The Circle Jerks, Jenna Jameson, Team America: World Police.

So there. That ought to screw some people up.

I wish I had more wrestling to watch, but I don't have much luck finding people who have what I want at a price I can deal with, whether it be money or tapes.

I should probably work on my autobiography project now, but whatever. I'll do it later.

Put up three new stories over the weekend. Not bad for a brand new news outlet. I also submitted the site to a bunch of search engines.

The next-to-ultimate goal is to get a cease and desist letter from a celebrity who finds an article about them.

The ultimate goal is to get picked up by a major news outlet, like ABCNews or CNN, and have them report our story.

Really, it's just a way to work on our writing and journalism skills, plus a way to get some cheap laughs at other people's expense. Isn't that what makes America great?

Enough blog. Must play Leisure Suit Larry 2: Looking for Love in Several Wrong Places.


Blogger Joey said...

Yay, Lionel Richie died! Wait, no he didn't. Now i'm sad. Thanks for ruining my day.

11:01 AM

Blogger Joey said...

What autobiography project? Crap, now I'll have to do it this week!!!

11:08 AM


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