Monday, October 11, 2004

trying a new template

I need some help cleaning this up. I'll probably get Head to help me tommorrow if I haven't got it figured out by then.


edit: For some reason, it's exactly like I want it now.

I'm going to back away slowly and wait for Head to tell me my design blows.



Blogger ^º^ Darkot|ka ^º^ said...

Hey! why did you want to change it? It's cool just the way it is...
Actually, you should help me with my template... I can't figure out what to do to change it...
Anyway, I'm here by accident... I just wanted to say that you should keep your blog as it is ;)

11:25 PM

Blogger Charlie said...

the font is tiny but other than that it's fine. and css owns your soul, bitch.

12:17 AM


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