Wednesday, September 22, 2004

in the still of the morning

It's 9:17 AM and I'm feeling groovy. No work done today, at least so far.

Before I forget, here is the picture of the day. Weirdness abounds.

I'm about halfway through Halloween Havoc 1995 (thanks to Video Warehouse), and it's been pretty okay. Arn Anderson and Brian Pillman are the great lost tag team of the mid-90's, as they were so intrinsically southern in their psycholgy, I had a hankering for some pork rinds and a Moon Pie, washed down with an RC Cola.

Evry other match is fairly inoffensive, so go team. Hoever, Mero/Page going 20 minutes is proof that Pillman was the worker in the Fall Brawl match. I realize Page can carry if he's motivated (see Goldberg v. Page), but he obviously wasn't all that excited by the prospect of dropping the belt to Johnny B. Can't really blame him.

The band you need to listen to is the Mighty Imperials, 16 yearold white kids who play the best funk you've never heard. Go to their labels' website and see how white these kids are. Buy their album, and trust me you'll want to after listening to the MP3's of "Duck Hunt" and "Thunder Chicken" from ScissorKick. Don't wait! They'll only be up for another day or two!

Enough blog. Must study for Calculus test (ha!).


Blogger SkunkApeStripper said...

Calculus...haha...I never have to take a math class again in my entire life. Lovely thoughts : ) Good day

2:47 PM

Blogger SkunkApeStripper said...

Another thought...your "weird picture" isnt all that weird. Its easily explained by the fact that our brains have a set of rules known as the Gestalt Rules, which state rules such as proximity, similarity, continuity and such. This "weird picture" is actually your eyes attempting to overanalyze the sitation at hand by using your thalamus to attempt to take in all objects as the same, therefore applying the principal of continuity and closure, which means that since they are not similar your eyes are merely moving things around to secure their similarity, which doesnt really exist anywhere but your brain. Sorry to ruin your day.

2:50 PM

Blogger Joey said...

Woo-hoo! Cool pic! Now must go listen to Are You Experienced? from 11/10/68! Wicked guitar playing...

5:05 PM

Blogger SkunkApeStripper said...

So I got bored and decided to see what everyone's ideal job is on this fun website...Mine is a cowboy...Joey's is an evil mob boss and Stephen's is (the funniest of all...a topless model. Good day

10:02 AM

Blogger Joey said...

Heh. I could be an evil mob boss. Thanks for making me almost puke at the computer with that Stephen comment!

5:49 PM


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