Monday, September 20, 2004

party time, excellent

I am feeling the love today, for whate'er reason, so bear with me.

The DVDVR sleaze thread may be the best thing in the history of things. YOU! GO THERE NOW!

Didn't do much of anything today, may be the reason for the love. To quote Brother Love,


Scary, ain't it? has been kind of slow, as have all my ususual haunts. Apparently, people have better things to do tha sit on a computer and complain about wrestling. Bastards.

Places on the internet to go to when you are bored:

Don't tell anybody, but when I have to pull information out of the nether regions of my (sexy, sexy) body, FactIndex is usually the source.

Enough blog. Go forth and multiply, my dark army of the night!

(That means you, JS.)


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