Wednesday, September 08, 2004

adventures in orthodontics

Getting an idea from my cyborg buddy WillBot, I have decided to insert random words into my posts from now on in an attempt to get more hits. So, Dr. Phil Atkins Diet Paris Hilton Nicole Richie Toshiaki Kawada Dungeons and Dragons Rollercoaster Tycoon WCW NWO WWF WWE ECW NWA MidSouth IWA NJPW AJPW Toryumon Dragon's Gate FMW Porn Porn Porn.

In other news, went to the orthodontist today. No more visits for six months. Yay.

Somebody get me a Sima Copymaster. I'll give some tapes for one. Plus undying affection.

Hemingway sucks. There, I said it. Everybody's on his jock becasue he represents the "archetypical male". Screw that. There's a reason people hate that kind of guy, mainly because he's an uncaring, insensitive, humorless dick. Give me someone with less testosterone and more of a sense of humor.

No HW! Go me. More time to goof off on the internet and watch tapes.

Everyone that reads this post, send me an email so I know my audience. I can better target my missives if I know who I'm writing for.

Also, send me porn.

Literature. I mean Literature.


Blogger Joey said...

Literature! Hooray!! I hate Hemingway too Stephen. Man that boy was loony in that horse story today in AP Lit. It was really funny. Wait. That story wasn't supposed to be funny was it?

5:58 PM


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