Monday, September 06, 2004


If you're going to post, have the ovaries to tell me who you are. I have a pretty good idea of the possible suspects, plus I could just do an IPscan, but I'm lazy. Teach me to leave anonymous posting on. Goodbye to that.

JS, I'm lazy. Look at the source for my page, and you'll figure it out. I think. If not, I'll do it tomorrow if you can run by Perry's room and he has his computer working.

Hey Head, I got a copy of Blender3D (after downlaoding twice. *anger at corrupt downloads/dial-up internet*), but have no unearthly idea how to use it. Hook me up.

Bought three games today, Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 for PC, WCW Thunder for PSOne, and Madden '99 for PSOne. All three were cheap, plus I had a little money to burn.

If any traders read this, and I doubt it, send me some tapes. I'll respond in kind. I don't really care.

I'd really like a copy of Raven Mack's Real Wrestling comps, but I don't know who would have them.

Who wants "literature"? Email me and I'll hook you up. I found some great, free sites.

That's enough. Sleep now (yes, its 3:00 p.m., but dammit I'm a growing boy who needs his rest).


Blogger Joey said...

For once that wasn't me posting.....hmmm odd. You said you might know who it is. Who? I'll try to run by Perry's room tomorrow but I probably won't be able to. Might in the afternoon though.

5:07 PM


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