Friday, September 03, 2004

substitute lies for fact

See right through my plastic mac.

Substitute teachers are God's gift to the world. I have a sub first thing this morning. This, as you know, means I and every other person in there does absolutely no work. Yay.

Watched maybe twenty minutes of SD! last night. Get better or I quit watching, Vince. (Go me! Threatening a billionaire!)

Can't wait for the fball game tommorrow. UGA vs. GSU! Opening day! Actually, I can wait. Nevermind.

Even more can't wait for the miracle of the three-day weekend. No work = happy me.

Launch is screwy today. Apparently, even if you have thousands of ratings, you still have to listen to the crap they shovel at you. Who the f*ck is State Shirt anyway?

If I wanted to listen to crap, I'd listen to Clear Channel's statons in my area. There's like fifteen of them within listening distance of me. All suck pretty hard.

Enough blog. Must goof off on internet.


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