Thursday, September 02, 2004

Your Primer on Me

So, yeah. Here's a brief primer on me.

I'm currently listening to "Pinball Wizard" at work on Launch becuase I have nothing better to do except work, and work sucks.
At home, I'm currently watching the C.W. Anderson shoot from Highspots. Also on the tape was the RF shoot of Robbie Feinstein. Fast-forward is a wonderful thing.
I'm reading Robinson Crusoe (not by choice).
The last movie I saw all the way through was Kill Bill vol.2. Not as good as the first, but hey, it was playing at the dollar theatre and it was hot outside.

Favorite wrestler: Dean Malenko
Favorite match: Malenko/Guerrero farewell match (uncut)
Favorite fed: late 1990's WCW or late 1980's NWA, depending on the day.
Favorite food: whatever's around
Favorite video game: EWR
Favorite wrestling event: who needs whole events when there are comps to be had?
Favorite shoot interview: Raven shoots 1+2

So there. Discuss, detract, whatever.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

By work you mean school..right? Or do you actually have a job? You know, sitting here writing this at 9:01 am on a Sunday morning isn't very entertaining. Wait! It is! Because the few people that know me....wait...the less than five people that know me know that I don't have a job and that I sit on my butt all day on the Internet waiting for someone to sign on to aol so i can talk to them. Woo-hoo what a life! I'm going to hang my self now! Here's some links for ya:

9:05 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The above posted by Jose

9:18 AM


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