Tuesday, September 07, 2004

build the ark

So, we had to show up today, despite the fact that half the kids here have no power, and the rest had to wade through foot-high water to get here. Go public school.

I would much rather be at home (duh), but I guess its not that bad, except I know going in today that I've got HW in Lit. Remember the good old days when the teachers truster you to read the book, and just expected a four or five page report at the end? Yeah, me neither.

They're just in it for the paycheck, the pittance it is. I can't really blame them, but I'm going to anyway.

Played RCT2 yesterday. Nothing ground-breaking, but I guess the game's good. The scenario editor kind of sucks, because you go in thinking you can do just about anything with it, but then you realize how crippled they made it. Sucks.

Thunder isn't that bad, but it is pretty bad. At least it has a good roster on there. Too bad it is the worst kind of button-masher.

Haven't gotten around to playing Madden 99, but I have no worries since it is Madden.

JS, I'll tell you who I think the PhantomPoster is later.

Head, stop being cute and post something meaningful.

Everybody else, dance the funky chicken. It'll do you some good.


Blogger Charlie said...

it's too early to even think of anything meaningful, it's dark and rainy and i'm tired. and i can't help but be cute.

9:49 AM

Blogger Joey said...

Ohhhhhh, chocolate high going away....depression and anger settling in. I hate ap lit. I don't want to be in there anymore. CHANGE SEATS NOW!!!! If you're going to San Francisco, be sure to wear flowers in your hair....quickly Mr. Rupert to the aeromobile! Right Cognly! Rupert watch out! Cognly be quiet now! RRUUPPEERRTT!! CCOOGGNNLLYY!! Where's my cup o' tea Rupert? In the back of the aeromobile. Right right. Basil gots the elephant gun again. Blimey! Who gave him the bloody elephant gun Cognly? Oh no Rupert! Basil's shooting us with bloody gun! We're going down Cognly! Mayday! Mayday! Me name's Basil and I'm a bleedin' bellboy! I just shot down me friends 'cause they're funny! El Loco Chocolate Es Muy Gracioso! SI!!!

11:15 AM

Blogger Joey said...

I AM ANGRY! CHOCOLATE GONE! HATE AP LIT! BORING! NO ONE TO TALK TO! a e i o u el burro sabe mas que tu! puedo ir al bano? yo soy leer, escuchar musica. Joe Cocker. Bird on a wire. Drunk in a midnight choir. I like food. m & m's. where are they stephen? WHERE?!? i'm going to woodstock man. wakka wakka wakka. Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer. what ever happened to dolph lundgren? S.A.T. S.A.T. S.A.T. NNEEDD CCHHOOCCOOLLAATTEE.........YO G WHAT BE HANGIN'? Come on men, we can beat napoleon! to waterloo!

11:32 AM


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