Wednesday, September 15, 2004

i'm putting the odds at 15 to 1

On JS getting the sweet, sweet poonanny he desperately needs. The over/under is 23 (how old JS will be when he gets a steady relationship, i.e. steady poonanny). The line is not looking good. Place your bets at your friendly neighborhood blog. Cash only, no credit.

Visit Rhino's site. Or else.

Email me to comment, gripe, whatever. If you have a site you think needs linking on the main page, let me know. No fat chicks.

Weird. Almost 400 hits in only two weeks. Proof that the world is coming to an end.

Pic of the day. I think it's name is Zyra.

Enough blog. Must listen to launch. Look my station up: randomtechstudent


Blogger SkunkApeStripper said...

If you're going to tell someone to visit a site, you might want to check that said someone's site has been updated or is at least interesting...

10:21 AM

Blogger Charlie said...


4:44 PM

Blogger Joey said...

Launch sucks!! There I said it!! I use or Much higher quality than that Launch crap. Don't have to pay either to get the best stuff.

5:11 PM


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