Friday, September 10, 2004

photoshop memories, powerpoint dreams

I am sitting in the stupidest class known to man, Digital Media Technology. Welcome to Hell, boys and girls, hope you brought some ice.

I have a project to do over the weekend, a PPT presentation due by Monday. I guess I'll work on it Saturday, and get that out of the way. I'd rather be watching tapes, but that's probably not going to happen.

Haven't got past the 1st match in the 2001 SS tourney, and hopefully I'll be able to wacth at least the first round either tonight or tomorrow, Lit teacher willing. My god, I am so behind in tapes, its not funny. I've still got more than twenty that I watched five miuntes on to check and make sure they were correct, and haven't watched any more.

Somebody recommend a deathmatch tape for my friend JS. I'm looking for more explosions than blood, but it's all good. I'd rather use stuff I've already got. Most of the traders out there have access to my list, so somebody recommend some stuff. If no one has any ideas, I'll just make a copy of the injury compilation.

I'd love to do a nice big trade for some tapes, but no one wants anything I've got; either everyone's already got a copy, or someone else has a better VQ copy they're willing to get rid of for cheap.

I guess I'll end up participating in a bulk buy one day soon, but not running it. I'd go completely insane, trying to keep orders straight. plus, I've only got two VCRs, and it would take months to make all the copies.

Enough blog. Time to go build myself a hermetically sealed bubble.


Blogger suplexmasta said...

Hey JoJo, I'm trying to get a copy of the King of the Deathmatch tournament from this past year. Get me the Queen bootlegs (and anything else you've got), and a copy will make its way to you. ALmost twenty macthes, all with a different stipulation, including barbed-wire, lightbulbs, explosions, and even a piranha pool or two.

2:35 PM

Blogger suplexmasta said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

2:35 PM


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