Friday, September 17, 2004

what's so funny 'bout peace love and understanding?

Also, my aim is true.

Here is your pic of the day. It's not too weird, so I threw an extra bonus pic of the day in, for fun, here. Go me.

Bands you need to listen to:

  • The Hollies

  • Buddy Holly and the Crickets

  • Elvis Costello and the Attractions

  • The Cars

  • Bill Monroe

  • The Undertones

That is all. Short post. Don't like it? Tell me. Maybe I'll try to do better.


Blogger Joey said...

The Cars are pretty good. Heard some of their stuff on ze radio. Haven't listened to anybody else on the list.

8:42 AM

Blogger SkunkApeStripper said...

It appears that you have more in common with you anonymous "freak" stalker than you think. I love Buddy Holly. I've been listening to that forever. I also am a fan of the Cars, albeit not so much as Buddy Holly and the Crickets. "Freak" stalker hopes you had a lovely weekend of wrestling and such. Good day.

10:25 AM

Blogger suplexmasta said...

Stalkee wishes the veil of secrecy to be lifted. The demanding public wants to know.

Are you, the Midnight Rider, actually Dusty Rhodes under a hood? (semi-obscure wrestling reference)

12:03 PM


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