Sunday, September 19, 2004

you... doin' that thing you do...

This is why I love Japanese wrestling: midgets in costumes. God Bless Nippon.

Received a bunch of tapes from the great state of Missouri. Sending some back. See how simple it is? Email me if you want to trade, I'll send you my list.


I heart IWA:MS. It's good wrestling, plus everybody looks like they're having a hell of a time. Hope you like it, JS.

Albums you should own:

  • Teenage Kicks

  • The Blue Album

  • Pet Sounds

  • Welcome Interstate Managers

  • Stunt

  • Maroon

  • Paul's Boutique

  • Apostrophe

Another short post. I guess I don't have the energy. Damn you, public school.


Blogger Joey said...

Pet Sounds-Good album....must do collage now

12:41 PM

Blogger SkunkApeStripper said...

Sorry, although my room is dusty from lack of cleaning (Damn public school) I am not Dusty Rhodes. I am also not going to unveil my identity until you know all the facets of my multi-faceted personality (unless you correctly guess my identity first) Some more albums I absolutely love that have nothing to do with anything:
Yourself or Someone Like You-(Matchbox 20) horribly cheesy in the typical 90s way, but really spoke to an angst ridden teen girl in love with every guy she saw.
Eat A Peach-(Allman Brothers) What more to say?
Good Old Boys-(Randy Newman) Its Randy Newman before he sold out to the Disney corporate pussy machine. Awesome country-rock stuff that makes fun of Yankees pretentiousness and such. Yay.
Little Mermaid Soundtrack-You may find this amusing and trite, but trust me, girls fall all over guys who can sing "Kiss the Girl" acapella. Trust me, I know such a guy.

On another note, I think we should take Joey onto "Date Patrol" on TLC, a show that teaches guys the ins and outs of dating. Would be a lovely learning experience for him and maybe some of his pathetic friends would get hints too. Sadly, my comment is longer than your post now. I must stop, after saying that another great thing about Asia is MXC, on of the funniest shows on TV today. Good day.

9:48 PM

Blogger Joey said...

Been meaning to get Eat A Peach...just haven't had the time. Date Patrol? Yeah, I'd definitely need it! Does your first name start with a J?

11:33 AM

Blogger SkunkApeStripper said...

Joey-If you can figure out my identity (sorry, my name doesnt start with a J) then I would be glad to illegally burn you "Eat A Peach" or the Little Mermaid soundtrack, if you so desire

4:28 PM

Blogger Joey said...

Damn!! Well, are you in any classes with me or Stephen?
I have a lot of illegally burned/illegal stuff here at my house.

5:32 PM

Blogger Joey said...

Oh yeah, it's zepfanatic@gmail not sillyclown4. sillyclown4 is my yahoo address.

5:34 PM

Blogger SkunkApeStripper said...

No, I dont have any classes with yall...

6:12 PM

Blogger suplexmasta said...

Just a guess for first name: M or K?

I'll post something new later tonight.

< sarcasm >I'm glad that my blog is now the cool place to be on the internet. < /sarcasm >

7:17 PM

Blogger SkunkApeStripper said...

M or K? Can you think of any more random non related letters? and no, my first name begins with neither of those letters.

8:23 PM

Blogger Joey said...

Well, I give up. Might as well do SAT Prep computer stuff now...

10:24 AM


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