Friday, September 24, 2004

deaf-mutes of the world unite!

I can't talk today. My voice is shot completely to Hell. I was fine yesterday morining, but as the day went on, I developed a very sore throat, and it was only worse this morning. I took some drugs when I woke up (I would have preferred to stay in bed, but alas the rents used the veto power), and drank some tea, so it's a little better, but I don't want to speak if I don't have to. What's worse is I have a presentation to give in Lit today. Go me.

No picture today, so screw all of you that come just for that.

Enough blog. Feel so tired I might fall asleep in class.


Blogger Joey said...

You should have volunteered earlier! Ah, funny if you did doze off in lit, 'cause all we're more than likely doing is grammar and presentations.

11:30 AM


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