Sunday, October 03, 2004

my name is lucifer, please take my hand

Here's your pic of the day. Especially for you, JS. I know how much you love the little people of the south, and Tijuana is about as south as you can get. MASCARITA SAGRADA IS YO DADDY!

I went shoping today. I bought this cute little handbag and matching shoes... er, I mean, I bought an MP3 CD player and a new set of speakers for my computer. OfficeMax had the flatpanel speaks for $6.99, and I couldn't pass that up. I've been wanting a new CD player (old one's at least five years old and the motor's about worn out) but I needed one that could handle MP3 cds (and was less than $20), so when I saw one for $19.99, I snatched it up.

I'm working on a new logo for the site, tell me what you think.

Watched more IWA:MS this morning. Spyder Nate Webb = Defender of Fair Maidens (and kisser of boo-boos).

Hopefully I'll get to watch the PPV that I think is tonight, cable company willing. I don't really care what matches are on, I just want to watch to watch.

Enough blog. Falcons are winning, so I guess I'm happy.

p.s., everybody update your blogs at least once over the break. I realize the temptation is to just consume a page full of blotter acid and forget your worries, but please, blog responsibly. The children are our future.

p.p.s., we should all get together for a poker game. I'll bring the cards and JS can bring the hookers. Ask Pitts where he gets his working girls from.


Blogger Joey said...

Aye Aye captain!! That I will.

12:09 PM

Blogger Charlie said...

i forgot a blog until you mentioned "our blogs"

7:41 AM

Blogger Charlie said...

i forgot I HAD a blog, i meant. you can tell i've been out all night. but can you blame me? no school NOR work today, so i'm not passing this day by by sleeping. fuck that. oh hey i fried my Abit KD7. just got an ASUS A7V8X-X. and yeah, the X series kicks ass.

and yeah i can't believe the falcons are 4-0. it's the first time since, what, like '86? though we did almost lose to what's been the worst team in the nfl for like.. ever: the arizona cardinals. but i think they have emmitt (sp?) smith now. oh well he's old.

7:44 AM

Blogger Joey said...

Man, I need a costume like that! Then I would have a reason for shouting random Spanish words!

9:10 AM


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