Tuesday, October 19, 2004

sleeping on a planter at the port authority

...waiting for my bus to come.

Everybody's breaking up, so I probably should have put as the title "breaking up is hard to do", but I would've felt like a tool.

I will, unfortunately, miss tonight's show due to scheduling conflicts, plus the fact that I need sleep and rest and all that good stuff. If it was in Statham, I would attend, but I don't want to have to go all the way to Auburn (a good thirty to forty minutes one way, doing the speed limit).

I finished my Sophocles paper, but I don't exactly feel good about it. I completely forgot to cite in the paper, but I did put down seven sources (four was the target).

Knowing the teacher, I'll probably get a 95 on it no matter what I do. I could probably turn in a torn piece of cardboard with "ESSAY" written on it in magic marker and still get at least a 90 on it.

Here comes the dreaded BLOGGERS BLOCK O'DOOM!

I feel sick today, in addition to being dog-tired. I've probably got some weird varaition of Ebola or something. Maybe it's Dengue Fever instead. I don't know.

Enough blog. Kisses!


Blogger Joey said...

Who's been breaking up?

Besides Ryan and Kate of course.

10:32 AM

Blogger Ashley B. said...

Jonathan and I broke up on Monday. But!!...we just had a long talk and we decided to give it another try. I'm glad, I wasn't ready for my almost 2 year relationship to end. I would miss him too much. Sorry Stephen, you and I can't be together now.

7:22 PM

Blogger suplexmasta said...

I like you as a friend, but that's it.

With that out of the way, WTF? That breaks the KR-RA jointly held record for shortest break-up in High School history.

Also, I updated my poetry blog with an ode to our favorite slippery substance.

And no, it's not Jello.

8:48 PM

Blogger Ryan Adkins said...

Ok look, that seperation thing was long...not short. But anyway...I really don't care lol. Just thought I'd say it. Anyway...that new Poem is the best one on that site. I'm glad I gave you the idea for it lol. But yeah....I'm done commenting cause I have nothing else to say. I could prolly ramble on like JS...but I wont. I should get a cookie or something for that.

8:54 PM

Blogger Joey said...


11:33 AM


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