Tuesday, October 12, 2004

it's been awhile, but...

Here is your picture of the day.

More holes than O.J.'s alibi. ZING! Fear my rapier wit.

Jim and FunkmasterJ both have new blogs, as I set them up.

Look for Funky's blog to never be updated, ever.

Jim might update, if he can remember he has a blog.

Rhino is the absolute king of "thinking he's going to do well, but gets slammed in the @$$ by fate" as far as tests go. Hey, I made a 92. Then again, I'm really good at Lit, so my score should be thrown out in the interests of fairness.

Nobody updates any more. I slave and slave, and half the people on my links list don't even bother. Screw all y'all.


(that was thrown in just to freak out the search engine people)

ENough blog, must revise minimalist poetry. Maybe a heimlich (haiku + limerick) or two will do.


Blogger Charlie said...

haha i'm not slaving over my blog just because you do

4:11 PM

Blogger suplexmasta said...

way to format a link, Head. GO TEAM!

6:33 PM


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