Thursday, November 04, 2004

cobra commander is dead

So what if he didn't carry Michigan? He's still our supreme Viper.

Here's your REVIVED picture of the day:

Look JS, it's pussy!

Tuesday I bought a new printer (HP3520, if anyone cares) and a DVD (History of Wrestlemania I-IX). Thank God for Wally World. Where else can you get a printer for $28.88? Besides your local crackhead, I mean.

I ain't afraid of no ghosts.

Random keyword time: gangsta nation, cocaine, meth, ecstasy, MDMA, LSD, lysergic acid, Jenna Haze, Brianna Banks, naked, nude, porno, porn, pr0n, up in the heezy, deanna is your savior, star trek, jinkies, jute, hemp, weed, chronic, etcetera.

How's that? Good? Good.

I finally switched over to Firefox at home. Head, you're proud of me, right?

My blog looks cooler in FF anyway.

Now, NFTM on the other hand...

I've still got work to do on the template for NFTM. It looks fine when I pull the source code from the template screen, but when I publish, it doesn't recognize the division tags. I would work on it at work/school, but there's no Firefox to be had here. IE all the way.

I may work on the NFTM template later today, but probably not. I've got to get to my "office" now.



Blogger Joey said...

"To use raw power is to make yourself infinitely vulnerable to greater powers." Dune Messiah

10:24 AM


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