Tuesday, October 26, 2004

firefox delights

I changed the font size back.

I'd never done the basic rule of HTML layout and checked the site in different browsers. Mozilla made mine look miniscule. IE rendered it fine, but Firefox was almost unreadable. Ergo, I made an attempt to go with the flow and update the template. Are you happy, Firefoxers?

And yes, I know I'm giving in to the enemy by using IE. I'm such a creature of habit.

Thank God I didn't start using the web in 1994, or else I'd still proably be using Mosaic and complaining about the newfangled JPEGs and how no one uses ALT tags anymore.


Blogger the Cubs Fan said...

>Are you happy, Firefoxers?


1:12 PM

Blogger suplexmasta said...

You're welcome. Now you can read my drivel along with the rest of us.

1:41 PM

Blogger Charlie said...

it's still kinda small though. maybe it's linux + firefox?

6:44 PM


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