Monday, November 01, 2004

make you holler hidey-ho

With the coming election, I feel it is necessary to make public my endorsement for president.

I hereby endorse Cobra Commander for President of the United States.

He is a proven leader, from the Crimson Guard to the ranks of Vipers.

He is an avowed enemy of the hated G.I. Joe.

He is tough on the war on Serpentor.

He is truly the best man for the job.

His Vice-Presidential candidate, Destro, is initmately familiar with the intricacies of running a business, as he ran his family's economic empire for many years.

With this, I wholeheartedly support Cobra Commander for the presidency in 2004.

So, with that out of the way, when's Osama gonna get caught?

(If that doesn't get me on the government blacklist, nothing will.)

Head, we missed your hungover ass today.

Rhino, we took the test (I probably failed!) and then wrote Anglo-Saxon poetry. I got done in about five minutes, while everyone else was barely through the first line.

Also, if you don't restart your blog, I'm gona come over to your house and kick you in the throat.

Anyone who can spot te reference in the title (without the aid of Google) is automatically placed in a drawing for a prize.

Yes, there's going to be a real prize.

And my prizes are usually pretty good. Just ask Rhino and his 6 hours of injuries.

Enough blog. People all over the world, join hands.


Blogger Kate said...

OMG! I actually think I know this one...although i dont want to know what the prize is or what I might do with it. But anyway, doesnt your title come from that old Mayfield commercial? Something about "chug-a-lug chug-a-lug" or something like that. I only had that song stuck in my head for two damn years, so I had better be right. GoodDay

7:50 PM


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